Best Educating Cartoon Movies For Your Children

Cartoon movie is one of the film genres that favored by many people, from children to adult. It's because a cartoon is a very entertaining movie and have a lot of value and lesson we can learn from the movie.

For children watching a movie can affect them, either to the positive or negative, because a film is a reflection of life that exists in the surrounding environment.

For that reason, if you are a parent then you should carefully choose movies that are suitable for your children. Besides entertaining, you also have to choose the Best Educating Cartoon Movies For Your Children.

Here are some examples of educating cartoon movies:

1. Finding Nemo

finding nemo

This film tells about a small fish named Nemo that is separated from his father. His father really took care Nemo because it is one of the fish that rescued from the fish prey. His father is strictly prohibited Nemo to swim towards the surface of the sea.

But then, Nemo was furious with his father due to his father's strict rule. Nemo tried to break his father regulation and swam to the surface of the sea. Unfortunately, as the result of his actions, Nemo got captured by a diver and that made him separate from his father.

This movie focused on how Nemo tries to find his father. Eventually, at the end of the movie, Nemo united with his father. This movie has a moral value that children have to listen to their parent's advice, suggestions, even regulation. Parent will not give bad or wrong opinions or unreasonable rules.

2. Wall-E

Wall-E Film

This movie is about a robot that is assigned to maintain the earth cleanliness. This film described that earth is dirty and unoccupied, all the human move to live on a plane. But, Wall-E tried to maintain the cleanliness of the earth.

The moral value of this movie is a robot can maintain the cleanliness, as a human we supposed to easily do the same. But, we sometimes feel lazy to do the hygiene activity instead.

3. Happy Feet

happy feet

This film focuses on a penguin. There is a penguin that differs with other penguins, named mumble. Mumble love dancing and stomping his feet.cBut, he is not like other penguins, he can not sing.

Sometimes his father was embarrassed by Mumble's imperfections which could not sing. Because of Mumble's differences, his friends frequently bully him.

Fortunately, his mother always supports him. Until one day, Mumble became a hero in his environment. However, Mumble remains generous.

The film Happy Feet had a chance to achieve of "Best Animated Film" from the BAFTA Award and "Best Animated Featured" from the academy awards.

The moral value of the movie conveys a circumstance where shortcomings can also be advantages.

4. Up

up movie

This film tells of a grandfather who has been broken-hearted by his wife's death. His wife inspired to live in a mountain that could not possibly become a place for someone to live.

But, with strong determination, the grandfather desperately bring her home with a balloon. Although it seems impossible, the grandfather was able to bring his house to a place where nobody ever lived before.

The lesson from this film is, never give up on achieving your goals, as difficult as it is, just tries it with a strong determination and confidence and you will reach your goals.

There are still a lot of best cartoons that you can watch with your children in order to educate them about moral value. Those are just examples of cartoon movies that are rich with moral value.