Home Decor Inspirations for Your Basement

The basement is often a forgotten place in many homes around the country. This space in many houses is more utilitarian than practical.

The sad thing is that this space might be so much more for those who are willing in taking the time and paying the attention needed to change the look from practical to marvelous.

In many basements this will require a little more than minimal home decorating skills while in other basements around the country all that is required is a little colour and a lot of style to make the basement the most in-demand room in the house.

Home Decor Inspirations for Your Basement

The most common complaint people have about basements is that they are dreary and dark. Most basements do not have natural light that is allowed to flourish because a serious lack of windows.

Nevertheless, this can be handy for you if you are planning to make it as a media area. A basement can be perfect as a media room since they have a low ceiling and low light, you just need to add surround sound and theatre style seating.

The only problem you have to deal is that to stop your neighbors to quit begging to watch the newest DVD release at your home rather than their own.

To achieve this, you can paint your walls, roofs, and ceilings with a darker colour and add a large screen television, tables, comfortable seating which you can place your popcorn and beverages.

Another the great idea for your basement is to make it into a music or artist studio. You can divide the basement into many smaller rooms and install different kind of lightings to accommodate the lighting needs of many artists.

Also keep in mind that one size won’t fit all and artists that need natural light for work purposes will not find a basement accommodating.

By creating smaller rooms, you can explore the additional option of soundproofing or at least dampening the room to save not only your neighbor’s ears and animals that live nearby.

These rooms can be simply decorated and furnished with music notes, a comfortable place to sit, a music stand, and the equipment required to create music for musicians or an easel, wash basin, art supplies, comfortable seating, and probably a futon for relaxation for artists.

If you need a quite place separated from your family for working purposes, the basement can be an ideal workspace for that aim provided you can get the lighting you need.

Most people will need to hire a professional to install the lights but most people is definitely need additional lighting to find the space tolerable for work.

Once you take care of the lighting, the basement does make a great office space for many people. You can add photos and filling cabinets, perhaps you can also add a fountain to make the area more conducive and serene to the work that needs to be done.

Of course you also want an adequate desk and comfortable seating or work table as well. Design the room as you would and it should do just well despite of your decorating talents.

One thing you have to remember when it comes to home decorating is that many basements have a tendency to become humid after a heavy rain. You may add dehumidifier if the moisture and water is problematic.

You may want to avoid mildew and mould at all cost, as they will ruin any potential enjoyment of your basement. Ceramic tile and cork are excellent flooring choices in this case and moisture barriers are an excellent idea to install before decorating a basement.